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Building Community 2002: Keynotes

Ron Faris: The Web of Life and the Web of Learning: Electronic Networks and Learning Communities

Ron Farishas spent many years working, researching and publishing on lifelong learning strategies, global training reform and interactive learning technologies. He has extensive experience in working with disadvantaged and aboriginal communities in Canada. For the past three years he have been helping a number of smaller communities to develop three-year pilot projects funded by the Canadian Office of Learning Technologies Community Learning Network Initiative. In recent years he has focussed on community capacity-building via the OECD/UK learning community model and the US community service-learning initiatives

Ron's website.

Ron's speech.

Steve Fox: Juggling with no Balls: the Experience of Community Networking in Sheffield

Steve Foxis active in UK community networking. Manor & Castle Multimedia Company (MEDIAC) Ltd. is a 'not for profit' community enterprise, owned and managed by local people, all 'surplus earnings' from commercial production are reinvested into the company to provide equipment and resources and we hope to develop a mechanism to award grants to other community groups in the area, perhaps through the Manor & Castle Development Trust. MEDIAC works to build local capacity, primarily in the Manor & Castle wards of Sheffield, but we make it a priority to raise employable skill levels in all the Sheffield communities

Gill Sellar: "The Five "C's" of C.I." Community content, commerce, collaboration and courage: Key factors in Building Viable Communities online

Gillian Sellaris the Managing Director of 1 2 1(One - to- One) Education, Software and I.T., a communications consultancy in Denmark, Western Australia; PhD Management Information Systems, Edith Cowan University, Perth W.A and Manager Albany GateWAy Cooperative, Albany W.A.

She has a background in Education and Teaching, Educational Technology, Instructional Media and Media Studies and has just completed a PhD in Management and Information Systems. Her main quest is to bring people and technology together in proactive and practical ways, whilst ensuring the real, grassroots issues effecting rural and regional people are continually addressed.

Gill has lectured in communications/media and instructional technology, been actively involved in regional telecommunications developments for a number of years, developed and distributed software applications and has a special interest in rural Telecentres and the development of Communities On-line. As a community builder and motivational speaker, Gill is in demand as a presenter at both international and local conferences and has written a number of papers with topics as wide ranging as Visual Literacy - Perception, Imagery and Communication, E-commerce and Eco-Tourism - The Internet Land of Hype and Glory, and others addressing various aspects of regional and community web portal development.

As the Manager / Keeper of the Albany GateWAy, Gill had the opportunity to assist her local community in coming on-line and keep pace with global developments on the Internet. The biggest challenge is to keep this regional portal in the hands of the people of the Great Southern and to make it sustainable!

Gill's speech.