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Building Community 2002: Refereed Papers

Presenter Title
Julie Abbott and Pak Yoong (NZ) The Stages Of Telecentre Development: A Case Study
Yeslam Al-Saggaf, Kirsty Williamson, John Weckert (Saudi Arabia/NSW) The Effect of Online Community Experience on Individuals' Offline Lives: A Saudi Arabian Perspective
Patrice Braun (Vic) Building a digital business network: ICT partnering regional Australia
Darrell Burkey, Ted Monaghan, (ACT) Karin Gieselhart (Vic) Making the CASE for Electronic Empowerment
Oliver Burmeister, Gian Sampson-Wild (Vic) Accessible interaction: Empowering communities through accessible technologies
Youngmi Choi (Vic) Aboriginal Art Business online: Issues and Lessons in Training and Establishment
Robyn Donovan, Kevin Tharp, Steve Lloyd, Wal Taylor (Qld)
Using ICTs To Promote Community Involvement in Parent Organisations
Ros Foskey (NSW) Education, Ageing and Technology - Intersecting Networks
Gerard Goggin (Qld) Broadband or Ringbarked? Community Networking and Rural Telecommunications Futures
Liza Hopkins, Julian Thomas (Vic) Wired High Rise: Constructing a virtual community in an inner city public housing estate
Graeme Johansen, Gary Hardy, Larry Stillman, Don Schauder, Tom Denison (Vic) Community Networking: Taxonomies and Theories
Anita Lacey (Vic) Activism Online
June Lennie (Qld) Including a diversity of rural women in a communication technology access project
Cheryl Lewis-Fitzgerald (Vic) Social Capital, Adult Learning, Community Capacity Building and Whereveruni
Nicola Morelli, Liddy Neville (Vic) Collaboration and Connectivity for Nomadic Workers: Present Situation and Future Scenarios
Inez van Polanen, Kerry Tanner (Vic) Empowering women to make confident choices for themselves: exploring knowledge management strategies for enhancing WIRE's information services to women
Helen Thompson (Vic) Building and Promoting Capacity by e-Enabling Community Audits
Deborah West (SA) Older People and the Digital Divide
Kirsty Williamson, Louise Stockfield, Fran O'Neill, Don Schauder, Steve Wright, Information and Telecommunications Needs Research, Monash University (Vic) Assisting Literacy through the Internet
Kirsty Williamson, Rosetta Manaszewicz, Sue McKemmish, Frada Burstein, Julie Fisher, June Anderson (Vic) Breast cancer knowledge online: towards meeting individualized information needs
Leanne Wood, Lyn Simpson, Leone Daws (Qld) Call to ACTT (Advancing Community, Technology and the Third Sector): Issues for community organisations
Steve Wright (Vic) Social Movements and Information and Communications Technology