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CIRN 2012: Workshops

Preconference Workshops 
Monash Centre, Prato Italy 6 November 2012

coordinated by: Centre for Community Networking Research 
Centre for Social Informatics,   Monash University

Information Management Framework Toolkit –1/2 day workshop,
9-12.30pm 6 November 2012

Facilitators: Andrew Clark and others.

This 1/2-day workshop will introduce participants to the Information Management Framework (IMF) Toolkit. The IMF toolkit has been specifically designed for small Non Government Organisations (NGOs) to effectively mange their information. This toolkit and associated resources is one of few resources of this type in the world for small NGOs (Up to 50 staff).  Participants will be limited to 15 people and there will be a modest charge to cover costs. A Certificate will be issued. For more information, refer to the the workshop pdf

Information and Memory Infrastructure Development: Supporting Resilient Communities and Community-based Scholarship Through Community-centric Recordkeeping and Archival Research, Education and Practice,
2-5.30pm 6 November 2012

Facilitators: Anne Gilliland and Michael Wartenbe, UCLA, Sue McKemmish, Monash University Australia, Kelly Besser, UCLA Library

The rapidly developing Community Archives movement, with its focus on community-centric information and memory infrastructure, has important areas of overlap with Community Informatics. New approaches to archival research, education and practice that support community-based scholarship provide an alternative lens for looking at Community Informatics research, education and practice. Community Informatics researchers will gain new insights into the characteristics, motivations and interests of diverse, often underrepresented communities that are particularly relevant to community-centric approaches to information management. Consideration of these characteristics, motivations and interests may also yield useful approaches for Community Informatics.

For more information, refer to the the workshop pdf  and the Voices Identity Activism Framework document for which should be fully acknoweldged in any use.