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Second Round of Consultations: December 2004 - February 2005

The Centre for Community Networking Research at Monash University has been funded by the Information Economy Division of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts to identify Australian Civil Society priorities and strategies for the information economy, related to the take up and effective use of ICT and to the priorities and strategies contained in the Government's Australia's Strategic Framework for the Information Economy 2004-2006 (

This development is to take the form of a scoping study based on a series of consultations with members of Australian Civil Society. Four consultations are planned, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. The findings from these group discussions will form the basis for further discussion and refinement at a RACS Research Workshop to be held in Sydney on February 14, 2005, leading to the creation of a Draft Information Economy Framework for Australian Civil Society.

Professor Don Schauder provided an overview of the process entitled 'Trust and E-democracy: Australian Civil Society and the WSIS Process' at the AGIMO Seminar 'Enabling Government, Engaging Communities: An Online Perspective', held Brisbane on the 17-18 November.